Testing and comparison services

  1. IDM Solutions provides qualitative testing of technology for end users as well as suitability and improvement testing for manufacturers. For integrators IDM Solutions can assist in design services and suitable product selections.
  2. One of the corner stones of IDM Solutions’ is our test facility. We use this to scrutinize products and solutions against sophisticated security vulnerabilities, to ensure that functionality matches the customer requirements, to aid manufacturers to hone their products to perfection and to give integrators the peace of mind that the technology they want to deploy in the “Can’t-fail” project of the year, really performs the way they expected it to perform.
  3. With each test that we perform and each project we run we add information to our comparison database. Our objective here is to become a one-stop-shop for everyone to find all relevant data about comparable products from (different) manufacturers and to aid you in your product selections. In addition, we aim to add relevant technical information in the database that might not be available from the vendor websites. This additional information varies from test reports to custom drivers and everything in between.

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