IDM Solutions provides design, architecture, implementation and support services for the AV industry with a strong focus on Enterprise IP connectivity and Security


From even before the millennium bug to the current Advanced Persistent Threats the engineers that today are IDM Solutions have developed a passion for quality, stability and safety. From the field of IT to the realm of AV over IP there is a constant need to validate designs, to validate products and -as a result- to improve such designs and products. In the history of IDM Consulting and later IDM Solutions we have learned that independent consult, independent quality assurance and independent testing of solutions will provide customers, integrators, manufacturers and even other consultants with the best possible tools and highest possible confidence to develop products and/or solutions. IDM Solutions now runs an extensive test lab and receives support from the leading emulation and testing companies to stress products and designs from our clients to offer the greatest possible confidence that the selected solution is the right one. Our constant search for the ultimate solution will ensure that our customers benefit from this experience and that our findings and designs enhance safety, quality, stability and total cost of ownership -today and in the future-

Our Purpose

Enable you -the customer, the manufacturer, the integrator and the consultant- to talk about the solutions you offer or require with the greatest level of confidence. We provide you with the required collateral to tell the right story or ask the right questions.

Our Vision

To be the world’s most trusted and advanced test lab for Audio Visual solutions on an IP network and to deliver the combined knowledge as the most sophisticated strategic and reference architectures available in the market.

Our Values