Comparison Services

With each test that we perform and each project we run we add information to our comparison database. Our objective here is to become a one-stop-shop for everyone to find all relevant data about comparable products from (different) manufacturers and to aid you in your product selections. In addition, we aim to add relevant technical information in the database that might not be available from the vendor websites. This additional information varies from test reports to custom drivers and everything in between.


IDM Solutions provides advanced commissioning and staging services. Everything to maximize the trust of the client and to ensure that the targeted installations will run smoothly for a very long time. Though commissioning is often seen as an unnecessary extra spend (both by customers and integrators) it typically pays off to have an independent report on the quality of the installation.

Consulting Services

Where most consultants and integrators only will provide solutions for a specific location our customers are typically large and require global solutions. At IDM Solutions’ we provide the most holistic design and architecture concepts possible from sophisticated requirements gathering to integration in your existing environment. We look at IT, AV, Surveillance, Digital Signage, Streaming Services and much more meanwhile factoring in global reach, security, performance and not to forget Total Cost of Ownership.

We provide 3 levels of consulting services:

Reference Architecture

•   Helping our customers to define and shape their roadmap. Following a strategic direction as an enterprise will ensure maximum investment protection, maximum compatibility and a more focused approach to technology in general.

Solution Architecture

•  With our Solution Architectures, we use the strategic vision from our Reference Architectures to create solutions that can be build today. We can create such architectures for tender purposes (describing functionalities only), as white-label documentation or ready for deployment -including all brands, models, firmware recommendations, etc.)

Design Reviews

•  Creating designs is often a complex business and verification of designs requires a keen eye and clear process. At IDM Solutions’ we have reviewed countless designs and Bill of Materials from tiny to enormous. We have done so for Consulting and Integration Companies as well as for customers. It is extremely rare that the investment in the design review is not earned back as savings, design simplifications, early warnings/error detection or simply by suggesting better alternatives through our comparison services. The benefits achieved typically can be seen later by our customers as net profit.

Control Services

Our vision on control breaks with the old paradigm as we believe you should be in control of your own control. Hardware lock-in’s, proprietary coding, time-consuming delivery, difficulty to implement and maintain a global standard all of this is very familiar to most. We however, we look forward and while we have engineers that are masters of the old paradigm we strive to be the guardians of the new. Please allow us to provoke your thoughts and see how spending can be reduced but net profit will increase. You want control? Let us show you how!


In our facilities, we have the ability to hold demonstrations on technology principles, showing many of the latest and greatest concepts backed up with solid proof. Our demonstrations services can be booked by customers to understand how AV principles should be applied before going to tender, our services can be booked by consultants or integrators as it is hard to show the value of complex setups only on paper. We show it for real. Finally, we also run demonstrations for manufacturers to help them with product development highlighting the strength and weaknesses of the current market solutions.

If demonstrations alone are not sufficient we are eager to create custom workshops/training labs for you or your staff. Just reach out to us to receive more information.

Mapping Services

At first it seems an odd fit but Mapping Services (e.g. GIS) are extremely helpful or even crucial to many solutions (CCTV monitoring, global operational insight, infrastructure management to name but a few). At IDM Solutions’ we can help to create or define the scope to dynamically map your network both logically as well as physically, to ensure that your designs are tied to a map based server so that everyone -now or in the future- will be able to locate the relevant data per site and in addition will be able to dynamically generate network diagrams as focused or broad as you like. Let us show you how.

Implementation Services

Although we typically don’t operate in the integration market space occasionally we can send an expert team for the most complex or sensitive of projects. We can do this white-label -promoting only your brand-. Our implementation services are not for standard projects but if it is bespoke or if your implementation needs guidance from a seasoned expert please let us know how we can help. However, only when exceptional quality is expected.

Testing Services

•  One of the corner stones of IDM Solutions’ is our test facility. We use this to scrutinize products and solutions against sophisticated security vulnerabilities, to ensure that functionality matches the customer requirements, to aid manufacturers to hone their products to perfection and to give integrators the peace of mind that the technology they want to deploy in the “Can’t-fail” project of the year, really performs the way they expected it to perform.

•  Our performance testing and network emulation testing is supported by some of the leading emulation/testing manufacturers in the world and combines real infrastructure, virtualized infrastructure and emulated infrastructure and network traffic load. All this combined will provide the confidence that the solutions do what they must. Stability, Security, Functionality and TCO if you want to know even more we are ready to test your assumptions!

•  Penetration testing is part of all our services but we can run this already at low cost for simple products. Do you want to know if your product will pass HIPAA certification? Do you want to know if your product will survive the scrutiny of the customers’ risk assessment team or do you want to simply be able to factor in the potential risks; you simply have to perform penetration testing. If your security can’t leave anything to chance, we provide bespoke services that will inspect your code line by line.

•  Testing & Scenario building is also one of our services. Such testing can be performed and used in three ways. The first is prior to deployment ensuring that the design concepts are all valid and performance is predictable. The second is root cause analysis testing. Something went wrong in your network. Something critical and you want to understand why in order to avoid this in the future. The last is software upgrade testing where we will build the simulation of your network on the current version it is on and work out the best way of upgrading. We will document all required steps and provide guidance on all the pitfalls.